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In 2019-2020, I was named a Francqui Foundation Fellow of the BAEF. Here is the page in the booklet.

In 2021, I received the Antonella Karlson Award. This award, of 5.000€, is attributed every two years within the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and aims at rewarding a Ph.D. thesis in exact sciences.


WhatWhenWhereHow muchAccepted
FNRS postdoc grant (CR)2020-2023ULiège (Belgium)NAYes
LEaDing postdoc fellowship2019-2021Leiden University (The Netherlands)40.000€-50.000€No
FSMP postdoc grant 2019-2020IRIFParis-Cité University (France)30.000€No
BAEF fellowship2019-2020Hofstra University 
(Long Island, New York, USA)
ULiège travel grant2018University of Winnipeg (Canada)4.920€Yes
FWB travel grant2018University of Winnipeg (Canada)4.880€Yes
FNRS-FRIA PhD grant 2016-2019ULiège (Belgium)NAYes